Tirol-Adria Ltd.: Tyrol-Adriatic Sea hydropower stations, Danube-Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Waterway, Maglev Train.High-Voltage-DC-feed conduit


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Tirol-Adria hereby showcases the project Tyrol-Adriatic Sea (Tirol-Adria) with the following projects:

Project A: Tyrol-Adriatic Sea hydropower stations

Project B: Danube-Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Waterway

Project C: "River Basin Management" - "River Room Recreation" - Renewable Energy Sources - Electric Mobility

Project D: Power and data transmission lines

A: Tyrol-Adriatic Sea hydropower stations
based on the water link of the Inn-Adige bottleneck

This project’s focus is the use of the Ötztaler- and Stubaier alps’ water resources for ensuring the operation of a water plant with the highest performance thoughout all Europe.
The reflux into the Adige happens near Meran / South Tyrol, where because of the low bottom unique natural preconditions for the use of the hydropower are met; In the storage lakes on a high level we retain mainly plentiful water during the summer months and damage causing floodwater to accomplish the following goals:

  1. A highly efficient power generation. This would strengthen the European electricity network and would also lay the foundations to the use of renewable energy like the unsteady wind- and solar energy;
  2. An effective flood protection for the settlements in the valleys, at the Inn, the Danube and the Adige;
  3. An improvement of the water supply in the intensively cultivated farmland near the Adige and the Po Valley;
  4. A development of the Adige for river navigation as a presupposition for a new Alpine North-South-traffic artery, the Danube-Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Passage.

B: Danube-Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Waterway
waterway between the Danube and the Adriatic Sea

This link goes from Passau at the Danube via the Inn, the canal tunnel Inn-Adige – the Tyrol Passage – and the Adige to the Adriatic Sea or alternatively by the Garda Passage via the Adige at Mori through the canal tunnel Adige-Garda, Lake Garda, Mincio and Po to the Adriatic Sea.
This passage will also be navigable for the vessels operating at the Danube (EU class V a) with a length of 109 metres and a broadness of 11.40 metres.

This pan-European project promises a solution for the traffic- and therewith strongly connected environmental problems, particularly at the Brenner axis. Indirectly this will also result in a relocation of the goods traffic from the road to the vessels and train all over huge parts of Europe and will therefore lead to an enormous economization and reduction of CO2-emissions.

The water connection in line with the Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Hydropower stations ensures the Adige to be navigable ex Meran and has to be primarily adjusted to the flood water and low flood control and the navigation’s demands at the Danube-Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-Passage. This primacy will be considered during the planning of the Tyrol-Adriatic Sea-hydropower stations.

C: "River Basin Management" - "River Room Recreation" - Renewable Energy Sources - Electric Mobility

Canopy-shaped PV roofing for Rivers, Roads and Freeways in order to generate electricity to use directly for e-mobility on Freeways, Roads and Waterways, equipped with overhead lines for electric powered vehicles. The canal tunnels between the Inn and the Adige and the bearer frame of the roofing of rivers and freeways offers also the possibility for further use of a suspension light-weight cable railway.

D: Power and data transmission lines

The roofing of rivers, channels, freeways and roads provides not only ideal conditions for power generation but also for transmitting different types of electric current of various voltages through power lines. By the connection of Italy’s, Austria’s and Germany’s networks we can strengthen the European integrated network and our position at the market itself.

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